WallPod mounted E.V. charger

GDH3 offer a wide range of commercial charging solutions, supplied and fitted professionally and at a low price.

The commercial units we fit are specially designed for business settings, including restaurants, offices, factories, warehouses, car parks and more.

We will work and discuss with you to find the best and most suitable unit for your business needs.

Choose from wall mounted or pedestal units with the option of free use or pay-to-charge.

Maintenance plans are also available to keep your charging solutions suitable and in good condition.

We also offer the fitting and supply of charge point control centers and group managers. These are specially designed control panels for multiple charge point setups to manage your E.V. charging array.

Choose a Commercial Charging Unit

WallPod: EV CommercialCharge

A low-cost, entry level commercial charging unit, designed to offer full Mode 3 fast charging to every Electric Vehicle (EV) on the market today. This unit has been specifically designed for charging EVs in commercial locations such as offices, factories, restaurants, hotels, sports venues, etc., and is available in J1772 or IEC 62196 tethered cable, or IEC 62196 socket, versions - as well as in IEC 62196 SuperFast (3phase, 11kW/22kW) tethered lead and socket versions.

SecuriCharge: EV Wall Unit

A robust, heavy duty, vandal resistant EV charging unit specifically manufactured for exposed locations. This versatile unit charges via its IEC62196 (Type 2) Mode 3 charging socket(s), which are securely locked away when not in use. It is available in 1way or 2way, 16amp (3.6kW) and 32amp (7.2kW), FastCharge versions c/w hatchlock, built-in overload & fault current protection - as well as a SuperFast 1way version featuring 3 phase 11kW or 22kW charging.

BasicCharge: EV Pedestal

This tried and tested pedestal is one of the most affordable and adaptable EV charging pedestal in the world. It offers either 1way or 2way IEC 62196 Type 2, Mode 3 fast charging socket(s), c/w hatchlock, built-in overload & fault current protection. Also available as a SuperFast unit in a 1way or 2way IEC 62196 version offering 3 phase (11kW or 22kW) charging.

AutoCharge: EV Pedestal

Heavy duty, hard wearing pedestal designed and manufactured for commercial environments. This versatile future-proof unit is available in 1way or 2way, Type 2, Mode 3 IEC 62196 FastCharge or SuperFast format, c/w hatchlock facility, built-in overload and fault current protection.

EV ControlCentre

Designed to centrally manage localised multiple EV charging points from a single control panel, this versatile system allows up to 18 x EV charging points/bays to be managed from one ControlCentre. Offering either free-to-use or pay-to-use (PAYG) charging options, the system has been specially designed to be similar in operation to a car park ticket machine. The driver simply parks in the EV charge point parking bay and, through this unit, initiates the EV charging procedure.

EV GroupManager

Designed to provide a privately managed RFID/computer controlled multi-point EV charging system/network that monitors, records and cloud hosts both driver and charge point activity (user activity, user authorisation, charge point location, charge point activity, charge time period(s), kWh consumption). The GroupManager offers automatic authentication of driver (via an RFID card / fob), manages unlimited charge points and can be managed from one or more computer terminals.